Losses great and small

In Irish Mist, photography, Revision on September 5, 2014 at 6:01 am

No time to dwell on the how, no time to wonder if the loss is retrievable or not. I leave for Perpignan in less than two hours – ah, the fine irony, this: going for the exhibitions of photography at Visa pour l’Image. Meanwhile, over here, all the photos I’ve done since January have disappeared from my iPhoto file. Of special and irreplaceable values: those done of a dear friend at her home and at graveside, and the funeral and wake for another  – those meant for sharing with the participants who will never see them if I don’t discover the magic trick to bring back nine months’ worth of files.

It may be coincidence: this happened after reception of a scammer/spammer type message.   I’ll have to see with a technician if there’s any cache I’ve left unexplored, in which the nine months’ worth of photos are lurking like those wolves or sheep hidden into the drawings for small children. I can ill-afford the expense, to put it mildly.

Allez. Story in abeyance, at least the ongoing revision part (yes, I have backups to backups – learnt that lesson with the loss of a two hundred and fifty page work in progress, many years ago). There’s always the lurking fear of losing the material anyway – after all, if thousands of jpeg files can disappear in a flash, why not good ol’ word files too? Even less time to dwell on that. You make backups, and you hope at least one of them sees you through contrary winds.

I’m alive. When last I checked, the people I most care for among the living were still alive too. Et vogue la galère.

Back online Sunday morning, if not all but most goes as expected.

Allez? Allez.


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