Slow. Quick. Pause. Next sentence, next paragraph…

In Current reading, Irish Mist, Local projects, photography, Revision on September 4, 2014 at 7:34 am

After Rain, the title piece in the collection of William Trevor’s short stories is lovely. To my taste, though, the story I will read over and over again is titled Lost Ground. Come to think of it, I’ll read back and forth between the two (and dip back in the other stories in the collection also) because work so masterful deserves a lot more than a quick one-time reading.

Revision: slow and tedious, at times, because of the amount of work involved in this one. The simile I used a while back to a garment, taken apart for re-assembly: apt. Not one of those simple Butterick patterns either. Something with multiple panels, darts and pleats you must take apart slowly and fit together again in another configuration. But, considering I was and remain the total disaster when it comes to sewing (never mind following patterns)? Proceeding apace, with a lot of the time spent picking out bits of story and fitting them into a different time frame and point of view. If I had my druthers, I’d spend most of my time on this and on reading. However, druthers are one thing and reality, quite another. Work commitments, for one. Workshops to prepare. Plus, exceptional moments such as getting away for two days to take in photography exhibitions in Perpignan.

This last decision coming with the further decision to leave electronics behind. Except for the camera: my eyes, my pen, and paper. No blog, no email, no phone.


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