In Irish Mist, Local projects, Revision, Sundays on August 31, 2014 at 6:55 am

A tricky spot in the revision begins just about here (and just as the holiday period draws to an end, too – boo, hiss and c’est la vie).

To summarize: in order to get a better sense of where its main strengths and weaknesses lay, I pulled apart something I wrote a few years ago, and divvied up the material in three uneven piles. I’ll disregard the first pile this morning. It’s more or less stand-alone for the time being. This leaves me with a few characters in two and three that are about to meet up. The writer had better get ready for some tension because not too many of those characters seem willing to play second fiddle. How they’ll go about sharing the stage: here, the writer rests both elbows on the table and looks up to the ceiling.

Cross-currents, cross purposes, basic disagreements on what matters and what doesn’t. Plus, brute strength (I’m bigger, stronger, more powerful than you are) vs the devious strategies and tactics of the weaker players who consider their own values (or refusals to commit to a side) as a basic right. Passive resistance, refusal to budge. Meanwhile, here come the bulldozers.

Voilà for the writing part. In real life, there’ll be a quick dash down to the market before spending a good part of the day as a guest at someone’s home – unless the whole program has changed due to unforeseen circumstances – the someone’s life is heavy on unforeseens.


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