La Rentrée minus Four

In Local projects, Revision on August 29, 2014 at 7:33 am

What was the best part? Let’s see. In no particular order. The best part of these summer holidays was:

– sleeping in till seven

– staying up till three

– the two weeks of total retreat minding a friend’s house and spending all my time with the characters I was re-visiting at that point

– revising  as such

– doing what I wanted when I wanted to do it

(oops, thunder rolling in, just in time for the walk outside and the trek for the kiddies’ school supplies)

La Rentrée. Of course, fall is back-to-school in many countries but La Rentrée is a French phenomenon that extends to every aspect of people’s lives. August is Les Vacances. September is La Rentrée. Prior to September twenty-first, you don’t eat soup. Once Fall is official, you do. And so on.

Ergo, La Rentrée is about to descend on me (oops, and now the lightning strikes; so much for the walk with the dog under the plane trees).

Yes, I’d best shut off the power supply to my precious laptop. All I meant to say was: revision is about to get squeezed into the work agenda, same way my feet are about to get squeezed back into closed shoes instead of sandals. C’est la vie.

oops, lightning  closer – bye-bye.


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