Resting, resting, one-two-three…uh, some other time

In Film, Food, Fun, Irish Mist, Local projects, Music, photography, Poetry, Revision, Theater, Uncategorized on August 24, 2014 at 9:01 am

Hand to harried brow. Is there no end to this business of words, words, words?

But, in fact, I wish I could write a piece of dramatic dialog as brilliant as the one in a twelve-minute short I saw last night. Called “Pacotille” and written by Eric Jameux, it features a boy trying to win back the affection of his girl friend by offering her a heart-shaped pendant engraved with the + qu’hier – que demain formula. Trying to explain that loving her today less than he will love her tomorrow does not work out to the advantage of their relationship. A hilarious and sad , sad and hilarious piece of mutual misunderstanding.

I had no intention of going out last night. But then, the manager of the local cinema offered me a free meal plus free admission to several movies, if I took some photos of the evening. The local brewer threw in a free beer. I’ve been bought off for less, so what the hell. Some parts of the evening were excellent; others dragged but even those are useful if you’re analyzing other people’s performances with thoughts on how they could be improved.

Allez. Holidays almost over. Market. The bakery next door, closing down for two weeks. Words, words. Films. Theater. Novels. Poems. Music…Oh, the phone (no, this is Sunday – TAKE CARE OF THE PHONE TOMORROW – no, tomorrow is Monday, will the shop be open




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