In Current reading, Irish Mist, Local projects, Music, Revision, Theater on August 23, 2014 at 7:12 am

If, on any particular morning, your best friend is a bowl of café au lait, be strong of heart when you click open your usual news websites. There’s enough horror out there to make you wonder why the hell you still bother turning your camera to a few flowers or an old wooden door that has made it through two or three centuries on this planet.

However. If you are so lucky as to have real contacts from time to time with real people who share some of your interests, drink your coffee, and take in the assortment of things thrown your way – including a stunning photograph that arrives as the number three in a series of virtual encounters with a meteorological phenomenon known as The Glory.

Then, move on.

Received Boleslavsky’s Acting The First Six Lessons yesterday. Part of the elements simmering on the back burner for a scheduled series of workshops on writing for the theater. My intention being to start the series with a few exercises where the would-be writers will begin by experiencing themselves as the actors of whatever they intend to write. Before writing short scenes for a public reading in December.

Personal writing: Whether the first part of what I’m seeing now as a three-part exercise deserves the words The End yet or not, I don’t know. I wrote them in last night anyway since I don’t see how I can push any of that part of the story any further for the time being.

Culling – which activities to pursue, which ones to let go. Where to put my energy in every day living, and in writing. In a few weeks, I’ll be two years short of the great seven-oh. Most of the people I know are in their forties or younger. Fine by me, but you don’t use your time the same way in your late sixties as you do when you’re twenty or thirty years younger.

When all else seems to fail: music. A Schumann binge yesterday, thanks to Richter on youtube. A question of balancing out the load when the horrors want to grab all the attention. Do less, do more, do what needs doing. Don’t forget to look up, out and away, every chance you get.


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