At home

In Artists, Music, Querying on August 17, 2014 at 8:23 am

I had to leave. I had to say: I’m sorry, I would have loved to spend the day out in the sun, in this gorgeous place with you, your horse, my dog, your kitten. Except the place made me ill, in the most literal sense of the word. Ill as in sick to my stomach.

The good news for my friend and her daughter: no ceilings threaten to fall on their heads where they live right now. And for the first time, they spent a winter in a well-heated space. Plenty of pasture for the horse. Another winter in this well-heated environment, and she’ll be ready to move on to better times after a long,  painful drag through the bad ones.

I’m glad for her, but I had to get home.

The interesting thing, while listening to her and to her dealings with the insufferable Lady in the Manor to whom she pays her rent: whatever the origin of the class, ethnic and/or cultural stigma attached by some to your appearance, your name, your religion and/or the color of your skin, part of your job is to make your way through the self-deprecation and  the hype you use as automatic responses to the attacks.

Back to yesterday’s workshop. Based on a simple four step pattern (right foot, left foot forward, right foot, left foot back). Listening to and feeling the rhythm, finding sounds (melodic or percussive) that match that rhythm. Playing with it. There were twelve of us. We built small choral works out of these finds, among other fine discoveries concerning voice and body warm-ups… starting with the feet, and working all the way up.

Now. At home. Get my bearings. Connect with my own rhythms again.


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