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In Animals, Artists, Poetry, Revision on August 12, 2014 at 7:51 am

Someone you never met and who never knew you dies, thousands of kilometers away. Had you not looked at headlines, you wouldn’t even know about it, but there you are. What was already a fraught beginning to the day gets that extra little shove, and you know it’s going to be uphill on this one. I didn’t know Robin Williams, he didn’t know me. But I knew something about the distance between the look in the eye and the way he held his mouth. I knew something about the quasi (quasi?) manic need to keep moving, to keep talking, to keep pedaling on that log to keep out of the logjam.

However. People who knew him and celebrities whose speechwriters will pull the words together for them: will handle the obits and the tweets. It all boils down to whatever energy you can keep on putting into pedaling the log downstream. Or up, if you are so inclined.


To Robin Williams and all kindred ones. This from Lewis Carroll :


Beneath the waters of the sea

Are lobsters thick as thick can be

They love to dance with you and me

My own, my gentle Salmon!


Salmon, come up! Salmon, go down!

Salmon, come twist your tail around!

Of all the fishes of the sea

There’s none so good as Salmon!



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