Details? Which ones?

In Artists, Film, Music, Revision, RLB trivia on August 11, 2014 at 10:07 am

We’ve had roses and blooms on the wisteria all summer. That’s how cool and rainy the weather’s been. If you want something that spells commitment and total dedication to growth, check out the trunk on a wisteria.

At the market yesterday, discussing a carry-all with a woman who makes them out of recycled clothes. “It’s sturdy,” she says, and shows me all the ingenious features in the reversible item she’s concocted out of the remnants of a man’s suit jacket. “But for your laptop, and battery, plus pens, paper…I know. The inner tube. I have a great inner tube I’ve been wondering what to do with.” The thought intrigues. We agree I’ll bring all measurements to her in two weeks’ time when she covers our outdoor market again.

Which ones. How. When. Why. Details.The writer’s job to figure out if they belong, if they’re in the right place, if they clutter, if they allow breathing space. And so on.

Readers? Which ones? Much less writer control on who reads, how, when and why. Close to or below zero control on what readers make of what they read. How much time do you want to spend on figuring out negative or puzzling reactions? Some of them – even the least welcome – can be useful. Others aggravate. How can you use the aggravation in a value-added way?

A fabulous moment in a film called Cuba Feliz. Somewhere around the thirty minute mark in the film.* Musicians climbing the stairs in a Cuban tenement building. On the top floor, the man they’ve come to see is playing the trumpet. A bit further on, two of the trumpet players riff while the sun sets on one hell of a polluted sky over Cuba. Both of those performances make me wonder if there’s any way to capture the same sort of incredible beauty and vitality with words, simply because a trumpet player, I will never be.

* Wrong. More like five minutes and twenty seconds it seems. Can also be found as a separate clip under Cuba Feliz, titled Cuba sunset.


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