Mirage, mon beau Mirage

In Current reading, Revision on August 7, 2014 at 7:57 am

The whole thing is so ludicrous, you read and shake your head: building and selling bigger, badder, faster, more powerful weapons. Any country with the resources does so with great determination. Jobs, you know. National economy, and so on. Then – kerpow – someone who has bought the bigger, badder thingies uses them, but not at the right moment or not on those you hoped the someone would exterminate while you weren’t looking. Arghhh. We must impose sanctions. We must stop delivering arms to that rogue, that scoundrel, that…

A few years later, someone pipes up: gosh, maybe “they” were better off under Khadafi. Or Stalin. Or whomever.

Hence, the title of this post. France is stuck. Sarkozy promised to deliver two Mirage combat ships to Russia. Now there’s talk of an arms embargo just when the ships are ready for delivery. Arghhhh.  Can we make the embargo apply to new orders, not the ready-for-shipping ones? Let us twirl a strand of hair, and think on these things.

Apart from which life proceeds in my quiet enclave where there’s so much food to process, pack, store, freeze that there’s not one chance I’ll manage to do it. So, I relax in the face of impossibility, and take the time thus gained to follow the meanderings of a bunch of fictitious beings. And for dips into the wonderful world of George Herriman’s Krazy Kat, my summer holiday gift to myself which I picked up at the post office on Tuesday. Offica Pup and Ignatz discussing thought. Who needs Schopenhauer – or better yet, how about another glance at Schopenhauer in Ignatz’ perspective? I must think on this thing.

Whereto now, story-wise? I have a man waking up in one part of town. Loose ends all over the place, as befits the early morning experiences of all the characters still alive at this juncture – this includes most of them, at last count.

Ten years of “gravity assist trajectories” for the Rosetta spacecraft now sending back closeup views of a comet some four hundred million kilometers away. If building bigger, better, more ingenious thingies is your favorite way to play, could we have  more views of ugly, wobbly misshapen bits of matter whizzing their way toward the sun. Instead of ugly, battered and bloody bits of reality so much closer to home?

End of commentary. Back to story.


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