Skipping Rope

In Collage, Collages, Fun, Games, Mary Etteridge, Music, Once in a parking lot, Revision, Ridgewood, Sanford Meisner, Story material, Summer Story on August 2, 2014 at 7:01 am

Scribbles galore. The kind that cover a page, then loop to the side, then twist around and head back down the other edge before jumping over to a small notebook grabbed in a fit of this-will-do-for-now.

But. The crucial string of words? Nyet. The magic moment, same as with those double and triple ropes whirling before a kid’s eyes. The right, precise moment to jump in. The exact beat. The right electrical impulse.

My only clue right now: the melodic line Bach sets down in the first of the thirty-two Goldberg variations. It has been playing in my head since yesterday morning. In the background. Bits of it surfacing from time to time. Phehhh. Frustration. Too many characters. What can I say: it’s a crowded world. Too many story lines. Ah. No doubt, except every character has his or her own juggling act going on.

All right: the good news. After watering the plants and picking up an earlier version of what I then considered the final edit on this story, I’m pleased to say the current revision is just as lopsided and screwy – however, it may be a bit more… reader-friendly? Or something. Or maybe not.

The line. The melodic line. The beat. The rhythm. Voilà. Sum total of what gets achieved. Or not.

A school yard. Two girls holding the ropes and twirling them in opposite directions. Another girl, poised, moving her head to the movement, listening to the sound of the ropes as they touch the ground, then whirl and hum in the air. Jump in now? Now? No, missed. Now. Missed.

Then, for some reason, it happens. On that day, or on another. The Now doesn’t stay in  the head but goes straight to the feet.



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