Vanity – yours mine his hers theirs

In Revision, Sanford Meisner on July 30, 2014 at 5:15 am

Put-downs. Blunt, subtle, intentional, accidental. Put-downs. Oh, you write with those cheap Bic ballpoints? Oh, your Laguiole is a cheap Chinese knock-off, you know. In other words: don’t you know the meaning of the words quality? class?

You make a comment. You consider it legitimate. The person takes deep offense. Your comment was rude, uncalled-for, hurtful, poorly timed, whatever.

Fun? No. Devastating? Depends. How much value you ascribe to other people’s opinions. How much the cheap Bic or the cheap Laguiole mean to you. How much you consider you have the right to question someone else’s views, or not. How much you’re willing to take jibes about your own vanity versus taking jabs at someone else’s.

Put-downs. Part of the mix. How do you deal with them? What do the fictional characters in your personal menagerie make of them? Do they go for

–  oh yeah? Well, your mother’s a… (blankety-blank)

– what do you mean, my VIP pass has expired? I’m a personal friend of… (fill in the blank)

– but I only meant, I only wanted, I’m…oh, how can you treat me this way?

– I’m a stoic, I can take this, mean and petty minds don’t deserve the cutting edge of my superior wit

– stunned silence; sudden decision to leave the shores of civilization; destination unknown; no, don’t talk to me, don’t try to change my mind; this was the final blow; goodbye; after all I’ve done, after  … no, not a word, begone, I’m gone, goodbye and so on.

– something else; such as…



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