In case you hadn’t noticed

In Animals, Artists, Revision, Sanford Meisner, Sundays on July 27, 2014 at 6:22 am

You’re on your own. Wherever you are. Less noticeable when kindred spirits are around. This makes kindred spirits precious. But even when they’re around, you’re still on your own. No one can write the story for you. No one else can figure out where you go from here – wherever here happens to be.

In real life terms at the moment, here is a quiet environment. Save for the bird calls, nothing stirs right now. As mentioned before, the garden backs up to the wall of the local cemetery. The house itself, surrounded by lawn, trees and a large vegetable patch, is at the end of an unpaved private lane  that runs between the gardens of two other houses. When they are home, the neighbors to the left speak Spanish. The ones to the right speak French – all told, some twenty words spoken to one another since I got here.

This morning, I’ll walk back to my place, and pick up the charger for the camera’s batteries. On the way back, I’ll stop at the outside market. See live people, hear them speak, talk to some of them. Buy bread and cheese – everything else is in abundance here. Thus re-charged through live contact with members of my species, I’ll return to what I’ve chosen to do with my time for several more days i.e. bring to completion the revision on a story written a few years ago.

We’re social animals. Even in strict or relative isolation, we need other humans. We talk to them in our heads, or we invent them as invisible companions. We remember them, argue with them, cry over them. Even their absence is all about us and them.

Sometimes – in clear, quiet moments – awareness of morning light on a wall, of the specific pattern made by a chair or a pile of book. Sometimes, making the words hold together well on your own is how you stay in touch with the rest of your species.

But an hour or so with live reps of same helps in keeping some froth in the mix.


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