Listening to the rhythm of the falling rain

In Animals, Collage, Collages, Current reading, Food, Local projects, Mary Etteridge, Music, Once in a parking lot, Revision, Ridgewood, Story material, Summer Story on July 25, 2014 at 7:21 am

I assume the two gentlemen in work clothes walking through the cemetery this morning were there on official business. I base this assumption on the fact they spoke in loud voices about the need for planks of wood, and gestured with wide, expansive arm movements. I hope their official business is done (all quiet now, voice-wise) because the rain’s coming down hard and the thunder has a fine, deep rumble to it. (Unofficial visitors to the cemetery, other than grieving relatives? Yes, for such items as fresh flower arrangements and knick-knacks left by the grieving ones to keep their friends company. I hear there’s a brisk trade in almost-new flower arrangements and small plaques celebrating this one’s fishing skills or that one’s memorable performances on the guitar.)

Day One of Cybèle and Cacahuète worked out all right. Cacahuète (that’s French for Peanut) is a tom. Once Cybèle got the message those snarls were not for show, she didn’t lose interest in making friends. Vigorous canine tail wagging didn’t get Cacahuète’s friendship meter up in the least. However, a bit of chicken lifted by me from Cybèle’s bowl into Cacahuète’s: ah. A peace offering worth considering. A closed door policy on separate sleeping quarters. On to Day Two.

The gurgle of rain. The sound of it on leaves and thick sod. I was planning on an early breakfast of strawberries picked off the plants, but  first, I’ll let them get a few more hours of hot sun to re-concentrate their juices.

As for local projects, I have one and one only at the moment: it’s called revision.



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