Moving (a lateral slide)

In Animals, Collage, Collages, Current reading, Mary Etteridge, Music, Once in a parking lot, Poetry, Revision, Ridgewood, Sanford Meisner, Story material, Summer Story on July 24, 2014 at 6:15 am

The neighbors: quiet. The garden backs up on the wall of the local cemetery. A high wall. Not too high, I hope, although cats outrun my dog (at least, all of them have, so far). The peach tree, laden, the fruit almost ripe. The vegetable garden: three varieties of tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, lettuce, herbs, plus everything I haven’t checked out yet. A pool. At least four different areas in which to work on the revision: under a linden tree in the garden, in a cooler part of the house on the ground floor, in the living room, in the attic. A tailor-made fifteen-day residency for someone who wants to finish revising this one before September lands. That’s the plan.

The dog ate a wild thing down in this garden last night. What it was, I’ll never know, except for the fact it had feathers, not cat hairs. The first day or two at the other place will have a bit of the corrida flavor between the resident feline and her. My dog is a pleasant type, easy to live with. But that’s her city persona. She was born to the hunt.

Met up with an old acquaintance in story, yesterday. I enjoyed meeting this character the first time he showed up in the draft version. Now that I’m reading some Simenon again, after all these years, I realize what the man owes to Inspecteur Maigret (who was anything but maigre). I don’t recall what led to this retired detective’s choice of family name. Doesn’t matter. Some link to Québécois writer Jacques Ferron’s short stories, perhaps. At any rate, Ferron’s collection called La conférence inachevée is part of the reading material coming to the place of residency with me this morning. I also owe a huge debt to Docteur Ferron as founding member of one of my favorite political parties – the first version of le Parti Rhinocéros in Canada. The magnificent rhino at Granby Zoo was not the Party mascot. He was the Party’s main candidate at the federal election. I forget the rhino’s name but Google will remember for me.

Other books making the trip across town range from the latest reception in my mailbox – Etgar Keret’s Suddenly a knock on the door  – to prose poems by Paul Valéry, a collection Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ early stories titled Ojos de pedro azul, plus several others chosen at random. The owners have a great musical collection. I shall not want for variety.

Once I land in the new space, first order of business: either a read-through from the top or an urgent response to a voice insisting he/she must be heard now. 


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