In Animals, Artists, Collage, Drafts, Music, Now playing in a theater near you, photography, Revision on July 19, 2014 at 4:48 am

Open windows, to grab whatever coolness the air will provide today. The quietest sign of life I can find from yesterday, as a screen background. For now, I settle on a fig tree about ten cm high. Rooted between the stones and bricks of a wall in Albi.* A quiet day, people-wise: essential after yesterday’s extravaganza. The greeters at the crematorium had an extraordinary experience. So did I. I’d been to many funerals before, but this was my first rock&roll one. My first rock&roll wake, too. There’s a lot to process in terms of impressions – voices, faces, expressions, encounters.

From there – twelve hours of total immersion in one world. To here – the revision. Whereto in the next scene. So much depends on… on what? On the voice that will speak up next. Clear some space on the table. Pile up all the yesterday-related stuff – phone numbers, email addresses, requests for pics.  Pick up the printed draft. Read through. Make coffee. Back to basics.

A rooster just woke up. The sun hasn’t cleared the edge of the bowl yet. A waft of cool air. This is going to be another scorcher.**

* Ah. Perhaps I’ll replace it with a photo of a bit of broken crockery I saved from the smash-up yesterday. I’d never seen this done before as a tribute to a dead buddy. I saved a piece from a plate with a design something like an orange moon with blue rays.

** ah. Rain instead.


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