Waste of time

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Where to begin. With this :



Yesterday saw the customary military parades with appropriate flags on display. The usual droning bromides in the speeches while the real drones dropped their latest crop of spilled guts and torn limbs, prompting deaths, wounds,  angry crowds, fear, panic – and the military parades Lest We Forget.

Lest We Forget what? That we love regret as much as we do the excitement of thrilling times ahead? Lest we forget the thrill of danger combined with the knowledge we’re OK? Sure, the thrill of love is great – but how often can you expect to experience it? Personally, that is.

Therefore: military parades. The amazing display of uniforms and groups of bodies pretending to be geometrical figures.

Over here, the year is Dedicated to the Commemoration of the First World War. Here we go with every variation available on the theme In Flanders Fields the Poppies Grow. Poppies, wink-wink. Discrete symbol for discrete drops of blood. There’s nothing discrete about bodies hit at high velocity by explosive devices, be they made of iron, wood, leather or any other material known to mankind.

Do I expect wars to stop because I hate them? No. A pity. I am short, fat and aging. Omnipotence: not an option, nor a personal wish-to-have. The biggest question on my personal agenda: do I dig into the revision of another of my pieces of writing, or do I forge ahead in another attempt at storytelling someone, somewhere, will “get”? As in: care about, and want to share with others. Wish to represent. Wish to put out there for others to read.

I forget where I read the comment. A literary critic or agent, saying Kafka wouldn’t stand a chance at publication in today’s market. So what. He’s published and available for anyone who wants to read him.

The real question for this one short, fat and aging person: how best to tackle this one day, now available for one day only.

As for why people waste their time and mine playing computer wink-wink, I don’t know. (Offerings on the setting for blogs I follow now appearing in double again. If someone has something to say, say it and get on with living, yes? Or is playing internet tiddlywinks your idea of having a good time? This, under the category RLB trivia.)



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