Day Off

In Animals, Artists, Circus, Collage, Current reading, Drafts, En français dans le texte, Music, photography, Poetry, proto drafts on July 14, 2014 at 8:58 am

back and forth – French, English, French, English, a few words of Spanish, a sprinkling of Russian, three expressions in Portuguese. Books – stupendous to the point of paralyzing awe, excellent, very very good, good, mediocre, so-so, worth a shrug, or so bad they’re like a burr under the saddle or a shot of indignation.

Over one thousand photos done in three days. Out of which a few worth keeping or promised to the artists. Words, words. A fair amount of physical exhaustion. Culling, sorting (yes, dishes; yes, laundry; yes, dog, although you’ve been out already.) Books I’d love to read. Books I wish to write. Words. Words. Words.

Ah. The rain has stopped. A break in the clouds. Light blue sky, something like a peek hole in a stage cloth. Characters milling around, exchanging names or calling cards.

Books. Books. Books. Magical moments. Indifferent ones. Life, the gift that goes on giving, taking away, giving.


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