Where do I go from here?

In Animals, Circus, Uncategorized on July 11, 2014 at 8:07 am

No matter. Whether yesterday was great or dismal. No matter how my personal circumstances appear on first awakening. No matter whether I’m submerged by grief, elation, boredom. No matter. Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet. Therefore, this is it, the only available stage.

In previous years, the month of July was so hot, the main concern was finding some shade. This year, you go out with a jacket and an umbrella – not ideal for a three-day street festival. Not ideal for the performers, for the organizers, for the public. Not ideal being the best way to say: at least, it’s not pouring buckets.

In answer to my own question: from here, I pull myself away from the place in my own mind where seldom is heard an encouraging word and the skies tend to greyness all day. The place where nothing good ever comes and the best laid plans of mice and men etc etc. I note this is the baseline today, and then

An act of will. Move. Deal with what is. This is improv, remember. Life doesn’t offer the option of stage rehearsals. C’est comme ça. For all I know, stupendous surprises await, just around the next bend. An act of will. Allez. Hop.




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