Keeping the faith, as they say

In Artists, Circus, Current reading, En français dans le texte, Film, Music, Querying, Sanford Meisner, The Crab Walker on July 7, 2014 at 8:02 am

Not just refreshing sprinkles, here and there. Dense sheets of rain. Thunder, lightning, lights and sound systems veering toward brown-outs, then working back up to efficiency. Plus, unpredictable strike actions by the peons of the entertainment world in France, better known as les intermittents du spectacle i.e. most of the people with whom I hang out these days. This is the view, a few days before the local Street festival where some thirty groups of acrobats, jugglers, street actors and musicians are expected for the sixth annual Festival Rues d’Été de Graulhet.

C’est la vie, mon ami. Depending on factors too numerous to list, I veer toward being 1) the lights and sound systems on the verge of conking out 2) the stagehand rattling the sheet of metal to imitate the sound of thunder or 3) good old dazed one, awakening from a dream set in New York where a car stops millimeters away from a young man crossing the street without looking. The driver, winding his way through the hilliest version of New York ever recorded in my dreamtime, says I don’t like New York. I wake up. The rain, this morning, is of the fine slanted needles variety. New York is thousands of kilometers and many, many light-years away. For now, Graulhet is where I live and write.

Keeping the faith. As in: finishing the job. As in: finding the right words, the right beat, the right mix to best serve a story I care about. You don’t bother doing yet another total rewrite on something unless you really, really care about the people in the story, no matter how fictional they may be.

Sat next to a clown/stiltwalker yesterday during the viewing of Jacques Deschamps’ film Romanès. The fun of seeing people you know on screen, performing at their best in front of a delighted crowd in China. The craziness of knowing the bureaucratic hounding awaiting some  of these same performers. Representing France at a prestigious international event while having your work permit annulled?

ça aussi c’est la vie, mon ami. 

Music, music, music. Of whatever type needed to escape deadly undertows. I can’t afford it but I think I’ll buy the Krazy Kat collection anyway. Whatever works, my friend. Whatever works.


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