At any rate, I’d scribbled down the main point already

In Current reading, Local projects, Revision, The Crab Walker on June 28, 2014 at 7:19 am

I still haven’t laughed out loud even once. Doesn’t matter. Some of the insights in Richard  Feynman’s chapter on The Dignified Professor prompted the use of my marking pencil – this is as good as saying a paragraph or two of “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!” made the purchase worth the expense.

From my perspective, the interesting point being the validation of something basic, when I read it before lights out.

The context: At a specific point in the afternoon, I felt total boredom and disinterest with what I’m revising. There was no fun in it, nothing but a heavy sense of duty. “You start something, you finish it” , and all the rest of the heavy-handed moralizing that passes for education. At that specific point, one of the characters piped up. A brief insert, nothing more, but that was all the help I needed.

I’m neither a math or a Physics kind of person. In fact, I flunked math with such commitment one year, I was held back one of the two school years I’d skipped earlier. But the point Feynman makes (that prompted the marking-up) was about fun. About playing at the things you like because you like them. Granted, you have to learn the other lessons too. The ones about sticking with something whether you feel like practicing your scales, or doing your homework, or whatever else doesn’t appeal all that much. But if you forget how to play – or never learn in the first place, none of it

etc etc

As the title says, I’d scribbled out my game plan yesterday morning so enough with this. The game plan is about the kind of old woman I intend to be for as long as I’ll be old and in command of the decision-making as pertains to my person.

Now.Lots to do. There’s a great book sale on at the library, for starters. A drive out of town later, maybe. Plus, in story, an old coot on his way to see an even older woman – with or without the younger relative in tow, I’ll find out later.


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