One or two illusions

In Local projects, Music, Revision, The Crab Walker on June 26, 2014 at 6:07 am

Whether you choose them or they choose you, don’t even imagine you can get anything done without them. I don’t know why that is. All I know: there’s only so much looking facts straight in the face you can do without deciding the whole thing’s not worth the bother. You do enough staring at blunt facts that stare right back? You choose to meld with the asphalt and let the cars flatten you into it.

A song from way back then: Judy Collins was her name. She sang about clouds’ illusions, love’s illusions and the notion we never know what either one is really all about.

A meeting yesterday. After the kind of day where you choose between a wallop or boredom so thick you could suffocate in it. Folks aren’t big on gratitude. It’s mostly about deflecting the jibes. You smile, they figure you’re making fun of them. You don’t smile? What’s the matter, lost your sense of humor?

No, I haven’t lost my sense of humor. I didn’t know I’d have to make it sturdier still, that’s all. Maybe that’s the name of the game, as far as I’m concerned, both as a person and as a writer.

Allez? Allez. A few more illusions in need of updating for the next part of the journey.



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