Singing in the rain

In Current reading, Dance, Local projects, Music, photography, Revision, The Crab Walker on June 25, 2014 at 5:55 am

Rain. In the interludes, the birds come out. If the clouds clear out, it will be a hot one.

The searing embarrassment of photographs and videos, showing the physical me as others see me now – a short, bloated body. Along with the  usual direct hit to ego, self-image, self-esteem etc, the usual mix of anger, irony, sadness, resignation, anger, irony… and so on. An old story, the bloated one. With current and future  challenges and consequences. One of the women formerly from the singing group sat with me after the concert Saturday. She’s as thin as a stick figure, these days. “Hoping to make myself invisible,” she said. “It’s not working.” Fat is the other way to do it, I answered. Doesn’t work either.

The boy I probably won’t be seeing again. Asked me to sing his favorite song yesterday. I told him it was part of a movie. The man who sings it does a tap dance and even swings around a street lamp. If you can imagine a fat little woman pretending to tap dance to Singing in the Rain, you get the mental image of my last coaching session with a little boy who doesn’t know where he’ll be next year. None of us know that, you answer? Except, in his case, there’s nothing of the abstract philosophizing involved in the uncertainty. He hummed the song throughout the session. Of course, it’s playing in my head this morning.

“But how do we get in there,” one character asks another at this juncture in story. Indeed. Never mind what happens once they’re “in there”. The how has to get settled first.


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