Walk the dog, walk the dog, walk the dog

In Animals, Local projects, Music, photography, Revision, Sanford Meisner, The Crab Walker on June 20, 2014 at 6:50 am

The surge. Slow, incredible feeling of: happening? really? The dream coming true?

There was a statue in the square, then. A nineteenth-century bronze representing a young woman bearing a water jug and holding out a cup to visitors. After two robbery attempts and a dunking in the river, the young woman no longer greets visitors on the public square. Besides, the tourist bureau’s been moved to another venue.

The surge. I’d titled the blogpost Speaking (or Talking) to Writers – or something to that effect. I couldn’t believe it was happening for real.


The kids were so excited yesterday. They fell on the box of books; leafed through them, recognizing photos they’d done, or texts they’d written. A few of the parents showed up. The kids from the cooking class prepared pastries and pizza. The photographer’s doctor declared him good to attend the event. We may work with another class in a year’s time, when he’s done with the chemo. Everything’s like that, right now: prospects of several good things in the second half of the year two thousand and fifteen. Just need to keep on stretching a bit more to get there; then, a little bit more after that.

Singing tonight. Singing tomorrow. The pain doesn’t go away, you just remove your attention from it. Have yourself a good cry, then walk the dog.


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