Petrichor ?

In Artists, Circus, Current reading, Games, Local projects, Music, photography, Revision, The Crab Walker on June 19, 2014 at 6:50 am

“There’s a name for it,” she said. “I’ll tell you as soon as I remember.” She remembered at last night’s rehearsal. I looked up the word this morning: petrichor. Coined in nineteen sixty-four to describe the powerful scent released by rain on parched ground.

The scent is even better than the word. It engulfed us last Friday as we drove to Toulouse. In times of drought, some plants, I read, release an oil into the ground. It protects the seeds from germination under unfavorable conditions, and also accounts for that surge of scent when the rain comes.

Books and more books on my table. In the mix, for the first time, one in which I signed the texts under my own name. Plays on words, for the most part, the main feature being the photos of circus and street artists at work. Some day, maybe; maybe, some day, a book of my own.

For the time being, a meeting over more writing of the journey woman’s variety. Penultimate coaching sessions prior to the holidays. A late afternoon event where fifteen junior college students will receive a copy of “their” book – the one combining their photos and their texts.

Revision: all characters on call, all with one expectant foot or hand raised in anticipation of the next rush forward on stage.

Plus last night’s funny moment when we realized Friday night’s concert coincides with France’s presence at the Mundial. Meaning we will either sing for our (excellent) supper in an empty venue – or in front of a crowd of women who can’t stand le foot.

Allez? Allez.


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