By Order of Appearance?

In Animals, Artists, Collage, Music, Revision, The Crab Walker on June 17, 2014 at 7:33 am

The experience: something like making a new garment out of an older one. Or a collage in which familiar elements re-combine to create the unexpected. One such collage next to my computer, this morning, and floating on banners in Toulouse’s Place du Capitole: Rio Loco, they announce, a festival of song, dance, theater, cinema and artwork from the Caribbean lands.

There’s an invisible piece of paper, also next to my computer. A phantom right hand of mine scribbles names and images on it. The way a favorite aunt used to reach out for one of the shuttles of colored wool, and run it under and over the threads on her loom, building up a pattern, row after row. Some of the patterns, she found in books. Others, she made up as she went along.

Rio Loco. Let’s see: there’s a school crossing. There’s a swamp. There’s a fictional town in Southwestern Florida, not far from Montgomery, Alabama. Revivalists, survivalists and plain old survivors, drunks (quite a few), nice folks with a social conscience and excellent credentials, local leaders with agendas.  Plus a smell that won’t go away and a story with the staying power of kudzu.




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