Don’t stay home without one either

In Current reading, Local projects, Revision, Sanford Meisner, The Crab Walker on June 16, 2014 at 5:36 am

A sense of humor, that is. The finest gift one of those fairy godmothers could bestow upon you at birth.

Message spotted on a trash can, yesterday: plus on est de fous, le mieux on évite la camisole de force. (The more crazies we are the better we avoid the straight-jacket). In this spirit last night, I decided the time had come to crack open my new copy of Lem’s Solaris. Fell asleep quickly though, not because of Lem, but because of all the walking and talking. For the time being, the new arrival on Solaris gets the greeting from an automated service. Fitting. Automated voices play a large role in today’s proceedings – my adventures in negotiating a forty-five minute train ride in the midst of a national railway strike; my sister’s and her husband’s in juggling the pieces of luggage, the bodies and the temperaments through the next phase of their trip to Africa.

As for the sense of humor: one with a robust constitution is best. I say this despite the fact I enjoy the finer bits most. But robust is best for those times when  you’re not relaxed to the max – in a milling, sweating, frustrated throng of bodies, for instance. Or when your mind starts playing swooning heroine with a hand to her brow.

Writing: ah yes. Writer attempting to record the final words exchanged between two characters in a scene, while an expectant someone from the World of Real stands in the doorway and says: take your time, this can wait.




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