Mirror, mirror

In Current reading, Revision, The Crab Walker on June 15, 2014 at 10:36 am

Ideal, this is not. The folks are up. I sleep on the pull-out in the living-room/kitchen area. The table shoved up against the kitchen counter right now, three people attempting to negotiate early morning with an uncooperative coffee maker, jet lag and other sundries thrown in.

All right. Later.


Later. Voices. Speech patterns. Said/unsaid. The whole comedia dell’arte.

In a spiral around église Saint-Sernin: waves of merchants – shoes, fabrics, imported goods. A street person who wants his photo taken so he can see himself. He gazes into my view of him. Looks at me, quite amazed by what I show him, and wanders off. A used-book stall specialist from the North of France, gives me addresses of places I may never visit. The linden trees are in bloom, their scent permeates the air.

News about family. Spoken/Unspoken. My sister gives me a book to read but I set it aside – the Christian “spiritual” aspect of it gets in the way for me. A newborn dies after four months of surgeries meant to correct his life-defeating deficits.  I’m more interested in what the book tells her about our childhood, more interested in where things stand now in some of the ongoing stories of friends and relatives who lived through some of those times when our mother was far, far out of  the common “it”. Interested in her take, as compared to mine.

Speech patterns. Avoidance mechanisms. Mimetism. Breaks in narrative. This is me. This is not me.

Not me: the blessed place of story.


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