We’ll see if it works on organic tiredness

In Artists, Circus, Revision, Sanford Meisner, The Crab Walker on June 9, 2014 at 6:48 am

I’ve done my share for organic farming, gardening, toy building, cooking and communal gatherings designed to build a better tomorrow. Today:  cull, keep the better shots I managed during the twelve hours of yesterday’s walk round and round the stands. At last year’s Fair, we waded through muck and took cloud bursts on our boots, organic or synthetic. Yesterday, the weather was grand, although by mid-day I sympathized with the organic pork spit-roasting on open fires. Yes, it was hot, and will be again today.

Apart from the four hundred and fifty-three shots of crowds, food,  leather goods, pesticide-free seeds, and better everything through labor-intensive self-reliance (I’m all for it), I brought home an old, old gadget of stupendous cleansing power. Is it from Bali? From China? From Tibet? The people at the thrift shop stand couldn’t say. All I know: it’s a demon chaser and it works. How do I know? I haven’t seen a single demon around since I bought it. (I didn’t see any demons before I bought it either, but they’re sneaky little buggers; invisible and all. But you know when they’re around. They take hold of your brain, they make you cranky, angry, depressed, and all other points downward in the spiral).

My demon chaser works so well that I held it up to someone last night when the person started on an endless and familiar rant about all-my-troubles-lord. The demon-chaser stopped the ranter cold.

Therefore, before proceeding with more work on the revision (and some stretching exercises to work out some of the kinks from ten hours of walking in the broiling sun), I post a photo of my demon-chaser as a public service. The ranting demon tries to take your brain processes hostage: look at the demon-chaser. Hold it up in all directions and begone, Ranting Demon!

(Granted, you can’t be pulling up the shot in all situations and if yours is a desktop computer, holding it up in all directions proves tricky. But the whole thing works just as well through quantum physics. You think of the demon-chaser? He goes to work, free of charge. Better living through good old Organic Mind and Matter Bending. Neither Einstein nor Uri Geller do better.)

Demon chaser ?

Here he is.


 Have a good day.

(Yes, I know. Somebody’s bound to take this as Revealed Truth or Blasphemy. Simple reminder: it’s not what you believe that counts, it’s what you do with it.)

P.S. Later

Cool. Look what happens when you turn him upside down. Two-for-one!

DSCN7634 - Version 2

  1. Thank you!

    Just what I needed yesterday. It works. My demon chaser is Godzilla (-:

  2. All I have to do is picture a tiny boy pointing a toy Godzilla at the demons. The demons vanish (-:

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