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In En français dans le texte, Film, Food, Games, Local projects, Revision, The Crab Walker on June 7, 2014 at 7:15 am

The two batteries on my camera needed recharging so I missed the arrival of the rhino at the médiathèque. The rhino armature, I should say, made out of soldered pieces of rebar. I’ll grab pics of it, of course. I doubt any of them will capture the moment when I spotted the beaten up red truck pull into the parking lot with the massive thing.

As for yesterday’s first festival of documentaries. Organized at great expenditure of time and energy by a local film maker, the manager of the local cinema and an assist from City Hall. The organizers scoured the schools, pinpointed the ones offering their students film studies, sent invites. Organized catering. Did all those things committed organizers do. Received confirmation film students would attend from a neighboring town. The teacher called to cancel at the last minute. Take your lumps, and so on? As  in: take this lump of soggy flour mixed with raw egg. Because that was the reason for the cancellation: the teacher couldn’t think of another moment in the busy school schedule for the students’ projected egg and flour-throwing romp through the town’s central district. I have visions of doing a thorough paste job on that teacher’s head. With tendrils of gooey dough slithering down from a Wallace and Gromit type  contraption.

Hm. A useful something out of that? Who knows.

Plus, a funny story that hinges on word play, therefore untranslatable. So frustrating, those. The perpetrator of the word play (and ensuing incident) said she would be flattered to find the joke re-attributed to a fictional character; but that means I must work it into a story in French.

Meanwhile, revision on The Crab Walker proceeds in fits and starts.


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