Will and Grace

In Current reading, Food, Revision, The Crab Walker on June 3, 2014 at 8:14 am

A pity, yes and no. As part of the culling of paper and electronic files, I chucked out pieces I hadn’t used in the final version of the story I called The Crab Walker. A pity because one of the characters was as vivid as they get – at least, in my recollection. Therefore, not a pity, if I can get the recollection of that vividness to serve in this new iteration.

Ah, time. Time and the kind of budget that would allow for buying of any book I want. At which point I’d need a bigger living space since I’m running out of bookshelves again. I cull, and cull; like bailing out a leaky rowboat.

Staring out the window. Half-way between the clouds drifting over my current living space, a flea market on 15th street in Panama City, Florida and the barbecue place a few blocks from there. No longer there since The Business Built on Grace folded before I left. God’s will must have been for something other than Agape Alabama Bar-B-Q. This is how the owner explained the belly-up to me, the last time I visited. His wife looked like she had a more jaundiced eye about it and the kids looked up at me with a you-know-how-it-goes expression. From which I gathered God’s will liked to ruffle the waters in many, many places with Will holding up one finger to the wind, and Grace giving him that jaundiced eye of hers.

I still have the flyer in the stuff I didn’t throw out. Red ink on the cheapest white paper available. Agape Alabama Bar-B-Q “A Business Built on Grace”.  Will, Grace and the boys will never know this but I think the place just might live on in a story. They were nice people. I liked going there. (Never tried the Smothered Cheese Pork Fries at $3.25 though. Maybe just as well.)



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