Today’s Agenda

In Current reading, Drafts, Local projects, Music, Revision, The Crab Walker on May 27, 2014 at 6:42 am

The seven-year old manuscript : As things stand (or lie) this morning, about two-thirds of the printed pages are in the no-keep pile next to my bed. Of the one-third remaining – and now on my work table – some are keepers because of a sentence here and there that may prove valuable.

The main point to the search last night: discovering what it was the story wanted to say more than anything else. I may have found the answer somewhere on page two-hundred and fourteen. How to segue into it without the endless loops of add-on characters and incidents: not clear yet.

Meanwhile: shrinking budgets, staff attritions and general glumness prevail, both at the local and at the national level. In some instances, ninety percent of what the politicians consider useful could get chucked out so we could all concentrate on improving the remaining ten percent. I doubt that’s about to happen. Following on Sunday’s elections for the European Union, the mood is a mix of contentious, disgusted, and/or fatalistic – as if the demons had to have their day. The demons to which I refer not being specific individuals as much as specific mind sets.

So, in the midst of all this: keeping some clear spaces i.e. room for growth and pleasant surprises. Reading, writing, music, reaching out. Reaching out. Reaching out some more.


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