A word here, a word there

In Collage, Drafts, Games on May 20, 2014 at 7:14 am

When all else fails : Collage.

The bookshelf is now one huge puzzle. The piece of furniture, once bought in a thrift shop near Capestang, has taken on a life of its own. Posters, magazines, old books, cannibalized, glued and reassembled, piece by piece.  Is the result pretty? No. Pleasing? No. Astonishing and a full-time presence in the room? Yes. You might even say an invasive one as an overall effect. With funny, disturbing and/or unexpected combinations- not least of which is the finished product itself. Call it humor hovering on the brink of disaster. At least, such is the intent. Something like walking on a rolling barrel.

Yesterday, I worked on it most of the time I wasn’t involved in making a few euro. Something compulsive about it, the way story becomes, once it has drawn you into the net. Story-wise, the difficulty being in finding  (or allowing) the right words when one of the characters has to be drawn out the way you’d try to lure someone out into the open while wondering if that’s a good idea. The character is given to raging outbursts (thus far, they’ve involved cast iron skillets and a pick ax), sullen bouts of nail-biting, and occasional disclosures of a personal nature.

Mosaic. Puzzles. Collages. Store-bought puzzles start with an answer, then jumble the pieces so you can reach the satisfaction of making the picture whole again. This is different: finding i.e. inventing something out of chance findings. Creating an order of sorts. Never mind saving Private Ryan. Saving the little kid’s sense of daring and wonder plus the little kid’s victories over the Folks from Nightmare. Doesn’t matter what biological age you are. It’s always about mastering fear, one way or another.





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