“L’Accord parfait”

In Artists, Film, Music, proto drafts on May 14, 2014 at 6:13 am

Georgi Lazarevski’s grandfather spent forty years of his life playing the violin in Belgium’s largest philharmonic orchestra. And dreaming of traveling, while his wife dreamt of the perfect chair in which to listen to Mendelssohn. At age ninety, Aimé travelled to Morocco at the invitation of his grandson who filmed the trip – and his grandfather’s transformation from a man so reserved as to appear cold and withdrawn, to one who smiled at the world in delighted wonderment. Toward the end of the documentary, on the night prior to his return to Paris, Aimé (who has started to lose his hearing) reports on the phenomenon that has served as background to his trip. Ever since arriving in Morocco, he’s had a peculiar incidence of tinnitus: one in which he hears a perfect cord in G Major. The three notes B, D and G, struck together.

After the film, I asked Georgi if the phenomenon had persisted after the trip. No, he said, the tinnitus stopped as soon as his grandfather returned to Paris. Title of the documentary: Voyage en Sol Majeur.  Journey in G Major.

Because of his grandfather’s increasing hearing loss, Georgi used a few written words as guideposts. Oser (to dare), Rêver (to dream), Amour (Love), among others. He also did a splendid job at weaving in his grandmother’s point of view on those same notions. Some seventy years of married life and proof, if ever such was needed, that there is no one-size-fits all when describing the specific shape, size and flavor in human relationships.

One protodraft in French, another in English. Setting out to sea: not easy, on this particular journey out to story.


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