Some, better in the re-telling

In Artists, Current reading, Drafts, En français dans le texte, Food, Music on May 10, 2014 at 6:54 am

I’d never read any Carlos Fuentes before. At two euro a pop, the small pocket books in the folio series are perfect introductory size (plus, they fit in a coat pocket, as their name is supposed to guarantee).

Fuentes. I’ve now read the first of the two stories, En bonne compagnie. Prepare to be discombobulated. No, don’t even bother preparing. Know you will be discombobulated. Compared to Fuentes, Poe was small potatoes in terms of discombobulatory powers. (In the same series, I picked up a long-gone copy of Albert Camus’ L’envers et l’endroit and a never-read-before, considered to be the heart of Kafka’s work: Lettre au père, the letter he never gave his father.)

None of these appear conducive to humor? Wrong. But not everyone’s funny bone resonates to the same pitch.

Last night’s concert: their first public appearance as a trio, after four days in residence at the cafe. First rehearsal marred by two muito annoying incidents. In the first, the replacement string for a popped one on the cello turned out to be too short – meant for a child’s instrument, not the grown-up version. A few tears, a bit of gnashing of teeth. Then, the biggie: the cello split open – temperature and humidity variations, yes? Find a craftsman with some fish glue, seal the cello, then back to rehearsal.

This last, told over supper to a group of musician friends, led to an anthology of instrumental mishaps: the flute losing a key on the first number, the brass part of a wooden clarinet-type thingie falling off and landing with a distinct clunk on a patron’s head. This last incident, somewhere in the Andes. The patron was not pleased.

But the story to beat all the others last night involves garlic – after all, the concert was in Lautrec, Capitale de l’Ail Rose. The man who told the story gave me license to use it as I see fit. Long pause here. French? English? Entre les deux, mon coeur balance.

P.S. the fritters for dessert? Elderberry and acacia blossoms with a drizzle of real caramel i.e. made on the spot. Plus, the improvised after-concert concert in the courtyard (we had to check the acoustics since we’ll be singing there, end of June.) Allez. Weekend, then back to work with the kiddies.



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