Grey skies, lovely poem

In Local projects, Music, Poetry, Querying on May 7, 2014 at 7:12 am

Thus far, we’ve had one full day of glorious sunshine during this Easter break. The rain is back – the fine, slanted, relentless kind.  Perhaps this will cause harried parents to descend with hordes of children for a fun afternoon of word play at my scheduled workshop ? Perhaps. I don’t believe a word of it, although one mummy told me it was a definite maybe, in her case. But since the workshop is for children, not their mothers, I suspect her definite maybe met with a definite no from her son. We shall see.

Sidebar with no connection to previous paragraph : the family story had it our maternal grandmother was of Irish descent via Dublin. Years and years after granny’s demise, my favorite aunt went to Dublin and discovered the (true? probable? most likely?) story: our maternal grandmother and her (4? 6? 8?) brothers was the daughter of a British soldier and an Irish lass who settled in Ontario. The Irish lass drops out of the story sometime after the birth of her last son (or of her only daughter?). Father and sons become horse breeders(?) traders (?) – but not of the Horse Whisperer persuasion. Meanwhile, a lovely Irish ballad plays in my head.

First queries sent out yesterday. Three, for the nonce. The fourth, I set aside when I realized I had to boil down the essence further – the agency does the drop-down menu approach to queries. A twitter-like one hundred-word resume expected in the first little window, something a bit more substantial allowed in the second. A good exercise on the way to manufacturing the one-liner (so what’s your book about). Further refinement should lead to the homeopathic story pill you slip under your tongue. Must work on this. I sense there’s a future in it.

I’m smiling. Watching the rain come down, and smiling. One of the agents does a quick response acknowledgement (programmed, maybe, but personalized). I was so shocked to find it in my in-box this morning, I figured my message had bounced back.



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