Apart from which, the sun’s out and I’d rather be having fun

In Animals, Current reading, Drafts, Local projects, Synopsis on May 5, 2014 at 5:50 am

Well, I’m late on everything. Read when I should have worked, angsted when I should have laughed. Sat, stunned and dazed (but showing none of it) through a demonstration of the proper use of various implements made of silicone (no, not sex toys – mixing bowls, spatulas, whisks). The moment of levity provided by another woman at the event, describing her aged and naked husband routing two thieves from their garden, after locking their two dogs in the house. I guess the business of locking the Doberman inside along with the Cocker Spaniel gave the thieves as much of a fright as the sight of the large body approaching them. (Fact of the matter, their Doberman is as much of a wuss as my own dog when it comes to guard duty. Second fact: whether clothed or not, I’d hate to meet her husband when he’s riled.)

The street: narrow, curved, with a slight incline. The houses: flush with the sidewalk, not one trace of green, not even a weed sprouting between the cracks. In a few instances, the saving grace: a bit of backyard with a rosebush and some ivy, maybe. A bit of paint to keep the spirits up.

Voilà. Plus, at the morning market, kissing more babies than would a politician on campaign. While angsting (but showing none of it) over my lousy book, and lousier synopsis, my lousy fumbles on deliveries and lousy, lousy lateness in all the stuff due no later than this morning.

Apart from which etc (see title). Allez. Walk dog. Make house presentable. Wing the rest, as usual.


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