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In Synopsis on May 3, 2014 at 6:46 am

Writing the synopsis: intricate work, somewhat like weaving. Plaiting the strands in the right pattern – in fact, finding the right pattern as you place this strand over, no, under, no a bit further. Over eighty thousand words in the puzzle box. The synopsis: the design on the cover, or the sampler. Working in another environment helps – a library, for instance, with samples of real books all around you. Plus the challenge of reading the accomplished introductions of those who’ve made it to the status of agent representation.

A woman, the other night, telling me about a family where no one is called by his official name. Not as in Pierre being Shorty and Marie being Sweetpea. As in everyone calls Pierre Gérard, Marie Ludivine, Henri Antoine, Ghislain Marc,  Lucienne Valérie, and so on. I’m facing something of the same challenge with a story where names – both real and fictitious – play central roles in the characters’ absurd tragicomedies or comedic tragedies, take your pick.

Slow work. Precision work. In my case, photos help, the way they do in a storyboard – to capture a certain mood, or focus. They’ll have to go, once the words have done the best they could to convey what this one’s about.

The characters: by order of appearance? Where necessary. Therefore, by order of necessity for the overall pattern. Back to work I go.


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