The contract

In Drafts, Local projects, Poetry, proto drafts, Querying on May 1, 2014 at 7:02 am

When I first started blogging, close to seven years ago, one of the first websites I encountered posted rejection letters, and comments to them. The overall mood: one of sour grapes and of poor misunderstood writers vs harried misunderstood agents. You can waste a lot of time and energy comparing your rejections with someone else’s. Why not a rating scale, while you’re at it to show how much more hurtful your experiences are compared to anyone else’s.

What appeals at this other website called Literary Rejections: you can search databases. You can tell your tales of woe, too, or read other peoples’ if that’s what you need. Or you can take hard looks at your own work, just as you do at someone else’s.

The contract, at this end: a deal I made with the only person I must look in the eye every morning. The deal: Cry when you have to, whine if you must, blow every fuse in the box while you’re at it. Then, take your knocks, pick yourself up, figure out where you goofed (or didn’t), and move on from there.


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