Happens all the time

In Current reading, Games, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music, proto drafts, Querying on April 29, 2014 at 7:39 am

Irony. The scene’s been done thousands of times? Doesn’t make it less of a heartbreaker:

a crowd of people, say, on a pier. Expectant faces raised toward the figures on deck. Everyone waving back and forth. There he is? Yes, yes, there he is! There she is! Wave, wave, oh god, thank you thank you. etc.

The wavers part like the sea in front of Moses and the Israelites. The one from the ship approaches, beaming. The one on the pier beams, almost falls over from leaning so far to reach the one approaching, approaching, walking by, arms outstretched toward another. They embrace. Others embrace. Every goddamn body on that pier seems to be meeting up with another goddamn body off the boat. Except for the one who beamed and beamed and who need not worry about looking like a fool in the eyes of others because nobody’s paying the least attention. Allez, move on, make your way out of the throng. Get back to the street, walk away with the knife doing its job to the entirety of the living landscape in your viscera.

The next trick is to make it funny. To make it something others can recognize and say: right, and I felt as if the world had ended, and sometimes, I still do. Love of my life, and all that. Live on, live on. Next project. Next chapter. Next revision. Next whatever.

Started reading Graham Greene last night – Our Man in Havana. Now, of course, I have to look up Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare. Sounds like a better bet than The Lit Lamp : A Manual of Evening Devotion.

Allez. Tales from Shakespeare. Wouldn’t you know it. Written by Charles and his sister Mary Lamb. oy. I’m off to read the free  pdf version.


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