How Best to Gear Up for Trying Times

In Artists, Local projects, Music, proto drafts, Querying on April 28, 2014 at 7:29 am

Awe-struck was I. There was the dreamer, puttering at something of relative importance when voices broke out in Rossini’s version of the cujus animam part of the Stabat Mater.

The dreamer circled round whatever impeded her view. There they stood – the papa, the mamma, young boy and his sister. A likely story, considering the family the dreamer beheld, none of whose members would know the first thing about Rossini or Latin. The father’s voice faltered at the pertransivit gladius; the boy forged on. What the hell. The dreamer kicked in too.

What’s not to like about dreams, when they serve up tales beyond the incredible? The last I saw of the boy and his family, in real-time, no one had much time to spare on the benefits of learning so there’s the added chuckle thrown in: that of the dreamer as some benevolent female figure lifting the masses up to the finer things in life. Say, Katherine Hepburn in the African Queen.

Meanwhile, it rains on, with promises of a drenched week or two during these school holidays. Take your laughs where you find them, my friend.

The title reads like one of those self-help columns in women’s magazines. Women are supposed to be experts on every non-scientific subject from knitting and sewing to gluing patchy relationships and keeping the hearth swept in summer/fuelled in winter.

Querying. The feeling associated with the word: here’s mamma with her awkward offspring, standing at the stage entrance and watching the professional kiddos stream by with their professional mammas, out on their fifth casting call for the day. “Try the pertransivit gladius again, sweetheart,” the mamma says while her awkward offspring cringes, his every freckle touching the next, as it always does when he’s about to cry.


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