After which reality will do what reality does with plans, for better, for worse, and for everything in between

In Artists, Circus, Drafts, Local projects, Music, proto drafts, Querying, Sundays on April 27, 2014 at 7:25 am

First, I’ll deal with some of the clutter in this room. Dispose of the remains of the shelving unit that collapsed under the weight of books. The replacement, built by a friend: expected on Tuesday. By then, all the last-minute changes on the circus book will get nixed (I hope): the printer’s schedule says Delivery on April thirtieth. I feel for the person trying to get the material printer-ready while dealing with a flurry of urgent requests to add so-and-so’s shot of such-and-such. The cover art: now one huge blob of a mix-up, as far as I’m concerned. But I’m just the writer. Other folks are paying for the publishing. Their money, their say. This rule applies whether the project costs millions, thousands, hundreds or a so-called free lunch.

It’s raining hard out there. The good news: I’ve got what I need, food wise; no need to lumber down the hill for a soggy shopping expedition. Outdoor markets are cuter on sunny days. And outdoor merchants, less given to treating customers as brothers-in-hardship – the shoulder to cry on while the rain drips off their canopy and down your neck.

Ah me. When housecleaning appeals as a travel destination… maybe I’ll get a bit of desk space again. How far I’ll get toward the further reaches of the room: tricky moves involved with multiple shiftings of the piles of essential elements to four distinct work projects.

Among the plans for these few days without coaching sessions in the schools: the great Egg Hunt, of course, for the English-language portion of my writing life. Plus, if time permits, a few inquiries into short residence programs offered to writers of the French-language persuasion in various settings around these parts. Voilà.


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