Now, close your eyes

In Drafts, Local projects on April 25, 2014 at 7:28 am

At the moment, dawdling for several minutes on someone else’s blog, without moving a finger or rushing to the next agenda item? The equivalent of a day off somewhere out of reach of phones, emails and even letter carriers. A place where no one drops an invitation in your mailbox with the clear expectation you put in a good word for them somewhere. A place for taking the time for a good l-o-n-g stretch, followed by a check on the weather, bowl of coffee in hand. Out on a porch, for instance, taking in new sights and sounds and listening to someone else putter in the background. Will this be a stay-at-home day? A visit to a spot you’ve wanted to see for a good while? A long conversation, preceded or followed by a good writing session? No phones, remember, no emails, no letter carriers, whether surly or friendly.

In the maelstrom yesterday, an unexpected break-through with a little girl. She had to learn a poem about a bud breaking free from its tight little home. To say the girl is a slow learner is to say nothing else than the obvious so we played with mime and voice. We giggled and pretended to break free etc.

French school children who learn poems in class are taught to give the title, speak the text and end with the author’s name. Every time the girl got to the name, she got it wrong. “Why do I keep saying that name,” she said. “Oh, I know!” – and out it tumbled, the whole annoying, disturbing story about her aunt’s boyfriend and how families are complicated, aren’t they etc.

After which, we went back to Bonjour! in a sing-song, until the little bugger of a leaf bud  burst forth already and we got the author’s name right.

Draft? I’d manage a read-through from end to end with no phone calls reminding me of anything whatsoever, and no errands either, I’d consider this a day well spent.


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