Yes, and the draft too

In Animals, Artists, Circus, Drafts, Film, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music, Visual artists on April 24, 2014 at 8:00 am

Maybe I should hang the picture frame with the back view as front. To whit, here’s the back view :



On an earlier edition of the community blog, I’d done a photo-reportage on Stephane Abdelkader’s work. The blog got blown off the web because I didn’t respond fast enough to an anonymous tip-off about the reprehensible content I was putting online. Humans are a fascinating bunch.

Back to the picture frame: Stephane collects tin cans and bottle caps. He flattens them with a small hammer and assembles them in various ways, including a massive round mirror suitable as a shield for a mythological figure. His work is on show at the local bar where I took in some jazz last night. The picture frame is now part of my small collection of local works by various artists.

Moving back and forth between different projects. Finding the right words to accompany a collection of photos: something like finding the right words for sub-titling a movie. The action onscreen doesn’t need the annoying voice of the person in the row behind you, saying: oh look, he’s walking into that bar, don’t you know it, he’s not noticing the man standing in the corner, watch, watch, he’s going to get … etc. So it’s a question of getting things across that don’t show up onscreen, or that riff on the action to introduce another dimension. I’m trying for the other dimension aspect. When someone looks at the photo of an aerial acrobat, there’s no need to explain the aerial acrobat is working off a trapeze.

I heard a stunning and wonderful version of Summertime, last night. A lovely version of My Funny Valentine, some great reworking of Bill Evans’ material. The concert being recorded for the group’s next album. On the walk home and up the hill, I met one (1) cat who froze the way cats do in a hark! stance. I have to wonder what a cat makes of a human encountered on a dark street at night.


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