Here be the shallows, here be the depths

In Animals, Circus, Drafts, Film, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music, Poetry, Sanford Meisner on April 18, 2014 at 6:47 am

The web is something like one huge Id. The Id is like one huge ocean – parts of it charted, most of it  unknown.

From one of the trees outside, a bird has been repeating the same call since dawn. I don’t know birdspeak. Can’t say it the bird is male or female, calling for a mate or for  any other member of the clan. Signalling an all’s well or a territorial limit.

Full fathom five my father lies. Meanwhile, I struggle to make sense out of what happens or doesn’t in the tiny sphere of my limited influence. On est bien peu de choses et mon amie la rose me l’a dit ce matin – words from a French song of the seventies.

After the meetings this morning, I’ll pick up some books at the library. Few words in the book of photos from the Street Arts Festival. Simple calligrams strike me as a good way to go. Apollinaire set up several of his poems that way. So did Max Jacob.

You can’t take in more than one breath of air at a time. Basic lessons from the lands of Panic and Asthma.

Out of the great Id, someone yesterday checked out a link on the Sanford Meisner page of this blog. I followed the link. The last entry on the referenced blog describes the experience of an acting student who landed a paying job as stand-in. In other words, the anonymous body of the right height and width used by the technical crews to get the camera angles and lighting right before the actual shooting of a scene. I don’t know what the person expected to find on that link. I don’t know how the person reacted to the blogpost on the experience of being a stand-in. That’s just one of the peculiarities of the great Id. Stuff shoots out of the brine. Your job to make whatever you can out of what appears, or doesn’t.


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