“La mer est calme et tout va bien”

In Circus, Drafts, Hautvoir, Local projects, Sanford Meisner on April 17, 2014 at 6:22 am

Where the story ends. Depends a lot on what you wanted in the first place. What you were looking for, and found. Or what you expected to find, and didn’t. Or where you realized   you were confusing expectations with possible outcomes. Or where life catches up with you and there’s no way you’ll get past the boulders, even by taking the long way around.

So. The draft on the back of the stove again. Too much to do with little gain expected from any of the doing. Gets boring to read about? I’m sure. Gets boring to experience, too.

Maybe there is a fit somewhere. A moment, no matter how brief, that will accommodate an ending that makes all the reading and writing worth both the writer and the reader’s time. Maybe. That moment won’t happen this morning. Miles to go, etc.

” There is, in fact, a path from fantasy back to reality, and that is – art.” The rest of the passage is in Sanford Meisner and Dennis Longwell’s Sanford Meisner On Acting, in the closing section of Chapter 8 : More on Preparation “Quick as Flame”.

So I’ll call this day More Preparation before writing some more.


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