I’d like to take this opportunity to…

In Circus, Drafts, Film, Hautvoir, Local projects, photography on April 15, 2014 at 7:53 am

The printer wants the ready-to-go file by April 26th. I’m supposed to provide the texts to go with the photos. Stands to reason the choice of photos matters, unless I want to meander and do my own side trip unrelated to the pics. I don’t. Ergo, I don’t care whether the two photographers spend an hour bashing my choice of their pics this evening (or bashing one another for that matter). By the end of the hour, I need a final choice of pics. Period. That’s A.

B isn’t an issue. Someone picks me up, we make the next meeting in Gaillac, we decide what documentaries we’ll show in Gaillac, what documentaries we’ll show in this town, eat, talk, then come back here. I sleep. Sounds like a plan.

C and D. Let’s call the school newspaper C, and the book with the other kids in Gaillac, D.

Two huge challenges for different reasons. Putting together articles for a school publication with kids who don’t much care for reading or writing and whose attention spans are… hm…what were we talking about? Oh yes, no, hold on, can we finish this one thought then… what, ah, you forgot you had a class, so when can we …  new recruits, three of your classmates, how nice, hi how do you spell your name in your language, wait, yes, bye see you Wednesd…..C.

D. A chaque jour suffit sa peine. D is two days away. I’ll let the broth simmer on the back burner for now.


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