Long way around

In Drafts, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music on April 11, 2014 at 6:41 am

A stupendous amount of people in dream-time. Stampeding a buffet, in one instance. The sight, so amazing, the observer in the dream kneeled on a high bar stool to watch the rush and crush around the spread.

The event was a convention of like-minded people – of what stripe, category, allegiance didn’t register as important in the dream. One of them took offense to a joke emanating from a brown paper bag in my hand. Decided I needed to be set straight on the matter of Acceptable. I didn’t seem to understand how unacceptable the punchline was, he told me. I said I didn’t understand the punchline, so how could I find it offensive. The women joined in. I decided to quit the whole lot, and walked away. This did not belong to the world of Acceptable either. Offended, they were. Which didn’t stop any of them from digging their spoons into revolting amounts of creamy desserts. Immense crystal-cut bowls filled with puddings slathered with whipped cream and fancy bits of cut-out pastry.

A lot more happens in the dream. I know how boring these things are for other people. Suffice it to say the dreamer refused to do all the suggested things that involved lots of people following other people because the other people seemed to know where they were going. As a result of which the dreamer walked, and walked some more with not another living soul in sight, through pieces of scenery no one finds on the guided tours.

Except for three reps from the world of Acceptable, approaching from the world of real. But those were in real. I saw them approaching yesterday, as I walked home. Three people who know what is true, who know what is real, who know what counts and what doesn’t. Mild-mannered. Determined to rid the world (starting with this town) with any and every thing that makes them uncomfortable. By a strange quirk of the brain, the threesome seems to consider the unemployed responsible for the sorry condition of  a town filled with empty tannery buildings and crumbling shuttered homes of the once-grand. Some of the once-grand have carried themselves abroad. Others ain’t so grand no more.

and so on.


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