Obstacles great and small

In Animals, Circus, Drafts, Food, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music on April 7, 2014 at 7:09 am

The big dreams : colorful, intricate, Jungian in their displays of profound truths welling up from the deepest springs of consciousness. Colorful, meaningful, life-changing. Worth the entrance ticket into the big tent.

Then, the other kinds. Choppy bits of disconnected imagery. Loose change mixed with lint and cookie crumbs, a couple of rusted bolts, a piece of grillwork too large for the posts on which it’s hinged. Or grownups hiding under furniture the way children do, then telling you your house is dirty. True, alas, dust bunnies abound.

Place names. The small mysteries. Why so many foreign cities and countries used to designate bits of American soil. A land of immigrants, I understand that part. Still. How many Peruvians made their way to Indiana? How many good, bad or indifferent types  from Cairo? Who decided Cairo or Peru took precedence over a founding father or a local benefactor? These questions brought to mind again yesterday, as they were during a trek through vast expanses of Somewhere to Somewhere Else, years ago, on another continent. Over here, you go six kilometers in one direction or another, and the folks consider themselves from Somewhere Else Entirely. This Somewhere Else dating back to the Merovingians, whereas your upstart of a county seat knew nothing but grazing sheep till the last of the Counts from Louis the Fifteenth’s days.

I travel, from table to table, not getting half as much done as I’d like. I’m not blaming the dog for this, despite her habit of lying on thresholds and making passage from one room to another a fraught exercise. Depending on my state of mind, I see this canine trait as proof of great guardianship skills or of easiest access to the exit. As for presence near spots with food potential –

I received a brisk, peremptory talking-to at the market  yesterday. From someone who considers my undivided attention should go to having my writing published. A perfect way to put me in a contrarian mood. I had visions of two – or maybe all the way up to seven – people hectoring me in the same manner, after reading something or other produced by me in a flush of authorship. The woman looked and sounded like a mother asking if I’d done my homework yet. Hell no, I haven’t; I’m busy reading and doing the exercises in the non-assigned bits of the school manuals. Want to make a federal case out of it?

The draft moves on. Word by word, in some instances, as characters come to terms with bits of unknown or misunderstood prior events.  Where were you on such and such a night in nineteen seventy-three?


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