“La mer est calme et tout va bien”*

In Current reading, Drafts, Film, Music on April 5, 2014 at 1:39 pm

My internet service crashed in mid-search yesterday. The technician just left. I’m back online. What happened and why: aging equipment, he said and put in a newer gizmo.

Meanwhile, I removed every last bit of personal material from this computer and moved it to another, older model that runs nothing other than a word processor. This still leaves my email easy enough to target – if anyone’s interested in endless exchanges about rehearsals and/or kids’ showing up or not for their remedial classes. Stuff even I find boring.

Meanwhile, the draft moves on, and so does everything else. Set aside McEwan for the time being; I’m sure he reads better in the original. Picked up Thomas Hardy’s The Trumpet-Major for the pleasure of this kind of writing :

Widow Garland’s thoughts were those of the period. ‘Can it be the French?’ she said, arranging herself for the extremest form of consternation. ‘Can that arch-enemy of mankind have landed at last?’ It should be stated that at this time there were two arch-enemies of mankind – Satan as usual, and Buonaparte, who had sprung up and eclipsed his elder rival altogether. Mrs Garland alluded, of course, to the junior gentleman.

Found Arthur Conan Doyle’s Hound lurking, red-eyed, under a cushion on the couch. That’s about all the news that’s fit to print for the time being.

* The sea is calm and all’s well. These are the words spoken by Lino Ventura playing a jewelry thief in a Claude Lelouch movie called  La Bonne Année – the words being that day’s security code for the main safe. Unfortunately, the thief forgets a teeny-tiny detail and takes something like seven or eight years of penitentiary to think things out prior to his next escapade.


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